American Airlines flight lands safely at LaGuardia following passenger security incident


STATEN ISLAND, NY – After an American Airlines plane made an emergency landing at LaGuardia Airport due to an incident with passengers, officials said it was all a “misunderstanding.” according to published reports.

The incident involved a passenger exhibiting “suspicious behavior” on American Eagle flight 4817, operated by Republic Airways, on Saturday, according to reports.

“American Eagle flight 4817, operated by Republic Airways with service from Indianapolis to New York (LGA) landed on the taxiway at LGA due to a potential safety issue. The plane landed safely and all customers disembarked without incident, ”American Airlines said in a statement.

Officials said the plane landed safely just after 3 p.m. ABC News reported that the passenger would not face charges after authorities said the incident was a “misunderstanding.”

The report said passengers were filmed by fire crews apprehending a man on the tarmac after the flight landed on the runway.

Eyewitness News spoke to a man on the flight who said the suspect was sitting a few rows behind him, and overheard a woman say, “Don’t do that, don’t do that.

Although it was not clear what she was referring to, the passenger started to panic, according to the report.

After landing, passengers rushed out of the plane, some pushing others down slides, according to published reports.

“Some guy apparently could’ve had a bomb on him. It was a hint of a bomb and then everyone was jostling and pushing, jumping out of the plane. They threw a slide. People were falling off the slide left and right. They were bleeding. It was crazy, ”a man told ABC News.


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