Ankura CTIX FLASH Summary Report: May 2022 – Security


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The Ankura Cyber ​​Threat Investigations and Expert Services (CTIX) FLASH Summary Report is a collection of high-level cyber event summaries of current or emerging cyber events originally published in the May series of CTIX FLASH Updates, our bi-weekly newsletter that provides a timely overview of cyber events, aimed at cyber professionals and end users with varying levels of technical knowledge.

The events published in the FLASH bulletin generally occurred shortly after the publication of the report. This post includes a discussion of ransomware/malware threats, threat actor activity, and newly identified vulnerabilities affecting a wide range of industries and victims.

Download the full CTIX Summary Report to discover key findings from Ankura’s Cyber ​​Threat Investigations and Expert Services team, including:

  • Multiple state-sponsored cyber espionage campaigns, including phishing, wipe, and ransomware, as well as campaigns facilitated by financially motivated threat actors.

  • New malware strains, as well as notorious malware variants and upgrades, alter the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of the malicious actors used to deploy the payloads.

  • New sets of devastating critical vulnerabilities, such as Spring4Shell, JekyllBot:5 and Nimbuspwn, each creating new attack vectors through which threat actors attempt to gain access to their victims’ infrastructure.

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