AR optical waveguide module supplier Lochn Optics completes Round-C funding


Lochn Optics, a supplier of AR optical waveguide modules, announced Thursday that he had finalized the financing of tour C totaling more than 100 million yuan ($ 15.69 million). This funding round was led by Huaqiang Capital and followed by Everest VC, Haojun Capital, Guichanqing and other institutions, with Lonchn’s current shareholder, Junsan Investment, continuing to invest.

Founded in 2014, Lochn Optics is the first optical waveguide module supplier in China to develop all series of matrix, grating and volume holographic optical waveguide products and waveguide design software. ‘unique self-developed optical waves. Its products are widely used in law enforcement, fire protection, industry, cultural tourism, education, consumer and other fields.

The Shenzhen-Shantou optical waveguide factory built by Lochn is expected to have a total production capacity of 1 million pieces per year, making the company the most industrialized optical waveguide module supplier in China, whose supply capacity and stability are far ahead of its peers.

By the end of 2021, Lochn Optics had filed more than 170 patents and obtained nearly 80 patents, which significantly strengthened its arrangement of intellectual property rights for optical waveguides.

AR has already solved many problems of safety, industrial inspection, conference cooperation, training, cultural tourism, education and other scenarios, and has been recognized by more and more customers and large factories.

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As the central optical component of AR glasses, the optical waveguide module has increasingly clear development prospects. By now, it has completely replaced old technical components such as prism, freeform prism, and birdbath and has become the preferred optical display solution for AR.

Lochn said that after this round of funding, on the one hand, he will continue to increase investment in network optical waveguide customization and automation equipment. On the other hand, it will increase the investment in R&D of diffraction optical waveguide products and build diffraction grating optical waveguide production lines for semiconductor lithography equipment covering various fields. products such as electron beam exposure equipment, etching equipment, electron microscope detection equipment and more.


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