Below Average Security Awareness of Cross-Border Commuters – Report


A report by the Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) on monitoring border communities indicated that the level of security awareness among residents of border communities is well below average.

“More specifically, the level of security awareness was assessed as ‘good or very good’ among 46% of residents of border communities and rated as ‘very poor’, ‘residents engaged in community surveillance’, a- he said in a statement.

Its data also describes the current security situation in the communities under surveillance as good, at 43%; very good at 14% or excellent at 2%.

One hundred and thirteen communities representing 42% of the monitored communities were however classified as “very poor”, “mediocre” or “fair” on this indicator, adds the report.

“In around 87% of the communities monitored during the reference period, no signs of terrorism or violent extremist activity were observed. However, in around 11% of communities, volunteers reported observing or hearing about suspected criminal activity and cases of illegal cross-border activity, including smuggling of goods.

The report also noted that in more than eight out of ten communities monitored, no signs of radicalization among young people had been observed.

However, he noted that some young people were involved in drug addiction.

The communities cited included Leklebi Dafor, Leklebi Agbesia and Kame in the Volta region, Ketukalonte and Dakpakodzi located in the Oti region, Baamoah in the northwest region, Dimali and Nachamba number two in the north region.

In many cases, some young people involved in drug addiction have also been identified among those who engage in acts of violence, the report adds.

For this report, CDD deployed 85 trained local volunteers to 44 selected border districts across Ghana to, among other things, monitor and report on border security issues and facilitate ongoing engagement between residents of border communities and the various security agencies present in the Region.

The exercise is part of the centre’s’Improve citizen participation in border security management project, which aims to improve security awareness of citizens along and beyond border communities as a proactive step to help strengthen Ghana’s border security in the face of increasing cross-border crime and threats from outside Ghana. security in West Africa.


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