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Commercial banks such as BSP and Kina have been pushing to allow their customers simple, convenient and reliable payment services using online platforms.

But many customers are unaware of the processes needed to access these services.

This week, the Business Helpdesk discusses what a BSP Pay merchant is and the process for a merchant and customer to use this service.

Indeed, the question “What is BSP Pay” is one of the most frequently asked questions by customers.

The helpdesk will answer general questions that traders and customers have with BSP Financial Group Limited.

What is BSP Pay?

BSP Pay is a secure national online payment service that allows BSP customers to pay for goods and services online without a bank card. Customers would choose an item to purchase from the merchant’s website and complete the checkout process. To pay, the customer selects BSP Pay, receives a one-time security code sent to your mobile phone, enter the code on the payment page to complete the payment.

A Merchant is the person with whom BSP has entered into a Merchant Agreement and if there is more than one person, “Merchant” means each person separately and two or more persons together. It includes the administrators, successors and assigns of the Merchant. The highlighted topic to change.

How does BSP Pay work?

  1. a. A customer selects an item on your website, proceeds to checkout and pays with BSP Pay
  2. b. A one-time security code is sent to the customer’s mobile number to authenticate the payment.
  3. vs. Money is debited from the customer’s account and deposited instantly into your merchant account
  4. D. Payment recorded on daily merchant transaction report
  5. What are the purchase limits?

The daily purchase value for customers is a minimum amount of K1.00 and a maximum limit of total spend up to K5,000 per day (24 hours)

Is BSP Pay available for merchants abroad?

The BSP Pay online payment service is only available to PNG-based domestic merchants who operate business and bank accounts with BSP.

What are the merchant benefits for BSP Pay?

Every BSP customer account holder in PNG can use BSP Pay, allowing merchants to sell products and receive payments nationwide.

– Market reach: over 1.5 million BSP customers can pay online 24/7 (PNG only)

-In-Your-Account-Instantly: the payment is credited instantly to the merchant account

-Self Service: Access the online BSP merchant portal to submit a BSP Pay service request, view and download daily merchant transaction reports.

What are the eligibility requirements for signing up for the Merchant Service?

-IPA and IRC registered company SSL certified website with shopping cart sensitive Internet connection.

– Operational BSP Business account

How do I register my online merchant business for the BSP Pay Merchant service?

-Go to;

-Login, select Business Banking and click on BSP Merchant

– Complete online registration forms

-Attach required documents and submit for processing

-An email notification with integration details is sent to the merchant once the request is approved

What documents are required to complete registration through the BSP online merchant portal?

Download an electronic copy of:

-IPA registration: certificate of trade name or certificate of incorporation.

-IRC registration: Certificate of Conformity (COC).

– Valid ID: Passport, driver’s license or NID of authorized account signatory.

– Company Logo: Merchant company logo.

Additional requirement for merchant site before signing up for BSP Pay?

It is a BSP requirement that the following customer policies be available on the merchant’s website:

-Return policy – An agreement between customers and your business regarding returns and refunds.

-Privacy Policy – Also known as a “privacy statement,” is a statement that explains how a company collects, processes, stores, shares and protects customer information collected through interaction with its website.

-Delivery policy – Detailed information showing your delivery information and where you need to deliver a good or service to your customer.

Who is responsible for integrating BSP Pay?

The Merchant will engage a web developer at its own cost to integrate the Merchant’s website with BSP Pay.

How do I integrate my website with BSP Pay?

Once the online application has been reviewed and approved, the integration details will be sent to the merchant to begin integration with BSP Pay.

Will BSP provide technical support?

BSP will provide technical support and assist the merchant throughout the onboarding process.

What information does a merchant need to access the BSP Merchant Portal?

The merchant will use their email address and password created during the registration process.

Merchant should report issues with application status or related queries to:

BSP Customer Service Center on the phone 320 1212 or 7030 1212 or by e-mail [email protected]

As a customer, how do I link my account to BSP Pay?

-Go to

-Select Login, Personal Banking and BSP Pay tab

-Enter your BSP ID and select “Login”

-Take the BSP Pay security challenge

-Read the Terms and Conditions and agree to continue

– A one-time security code SMS is sent to your mobile phone

-Enter the security code and validate. View your BSP accounts on the BSP Client Portal.

-Select an account and click on the “Use online” tab then select “Sign out”.

-Your account is now activated to shop online with BSP Pay

Make sure your current mobile number is updated with your BSP bank account.

Call BSP customer service at 3201212/70301212 For more help.

What is my BSP ID and where can I find my BSP ID?

BSP ID is a unique Customer Information File (CIF) number for each customer. You can confirm your BSP ID:

-Call BSP customer service 3201212 / 7030 1212.

-BSP Internet Banking customers: Your “Username” is also your BSP ID

-BSP Mobile Banking customers: Find your BSP ID in the “My services” menu.

How to pay online with BSP Pay?

-Go to the merchant’s website

-Select the item(s) to purchase

-Select the BSP Pay icon from the payment options

-Enter your name and BSP ID

-Click on the “Pay” button f. A one-time security code is generated by SMS g. Enter the security code to finalize your payment

Is there a limit for online payments?

The maximum daily purchase limit is 5,000 PGK per day (24 hours)

Can I use BSP Pay to pay foreign merchants?

The BSP Pay online payment service is only available to PNG-based domestic merchants who operate business and bank accounts with BSP.

Is BSP Pay available for all customers?

The BSP Pay service is available to all BSP Transaction account holders who activate their bank accounts (See How do I link my account to BSP Pay?)

Where do I go to report problems or disputes related to the use of the BSP Pay service?

Contact BSP Customer Service at 320 1212/ 7030 1212 or email [email protected] to report any issues/disputes related to:

– Unauthorized transactions

-Security code not received on mobile phone

-Activation process for BSP Pay

-Purchase limits –

-Payments pending or unavailable


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