Chelsea Manning Joins Nym As Security Consultant To Audit Their Code For The Vulnerability


Whistleblower and former U.S. Armed Forces member Chelsea Manning joins Nym, an open source, decentralized, unauthorized, incentive-based system that offers complete privacy, to help prevent mass surveillance by auditing their state-of-the-art code for vulnerabilities in privacy and security, Invezz learned from a press release. The audit will take place pending the accession of the Nym network to the main network later this year.

Few are more aware of the critical consequences that a software breach can have than Manning, who spent nearly seven years in prison for leaking documents from military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. She was pardoned by Barack Obama.

On a mission to resist surveillance by detecting privacy leaks

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Due to Manning’s background in signals intelligence and her experiences in law enforcement, she is uniquely qualified to understand how powerful adversaries can attack Nym users. She will help Nym resist surveillance by uncovering new privacy leaks and setting parameters for cover traffic over the next few months. Cover traffic is “fake traffic” sent by Nym to confuse an adversary, such as a malicious mobile operator or ISP.

Confidentiality is making a comeback

Due to new regulations such as GDPR and user demand, privacy is becoming popular again. For example, the private messaging app Signal was downloaded over 100 million times in May of this year alone. At this time, no organization except Nym promises (and guarantees) metadata protection at the network layer.

Harry Halpin, CEO of Nym, says:

“While trusting software with their money is something people learn to do with Bitcoin (BTC / USD) and DeFi, brave whistleblowers and revolutionaries like Chelsea Manning need to trust software with their lives. So rather than “YOLO” and launch for the sole purpose of destroying their users, we work with the best people alive to keep our users safe. While all software has bugs, people who release software that puts their users at risk or doesn’t even work are crooks who might even have blood on their hands.

Chelsea Manning is not only a whistleblower, but also a talented security and privacy engineer. The battle for privacy doesn’t stop with crypto bugs, which most listeners focus on. No security audit has ever dealt with traffic analysis attacks on the scale of those Nym is supposed to prevent.

Chelsea Manning says:

“As methods of analyzing network traffic have improved dramatically over the past decade, I have frequently requested research (since 2016) on alternative methods to Tor that avoid exposing network data to such a to analyse. Nym is one such viable alternative worthy of research and development implementation. “

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