Emails Show How Rock Island County Auditor’s Office Was Fooled By Scammers For $ 115,000 | Politics and Elections


But Palmer is an elected official and cannot be fired, and the county council has no authority over Van Daele since she reports to Palmer.

“Things stay the same for now,” Palmer said Thursday. “There will be more information to come.”

Palmer confirmed that Van Daele was put on administrative leave “for six working days until I was informed that I could bring her back. I was taking the lead and doing whatever was asked of me, and I continue to do so. to do.”

Kurt Davis, chief information officer for Rock Island County, said the county was the victim of an attempted wire fraud in August 2020, but county offices arrested him. He said the recent wire fraud was not a cyber protection failure.

“This was a cybersecurity issue only insofar as it was an email received by the county,” Davis said. “We have implemented anti-spam filtering which provides protection against spam, malicious e-mails and protection against viruses contained in e-mails; protection against viruses and phishing on workstations; and ransomware protection. “

Palmer emailed Davis on August 19 in an attempt to figure out the situation.

“I’ve been led to believe that email scams are part of cybersecurity,” Palmer wrote. “So you are confirming that nothing would have reported ‘the email as spam or security risk.’ If you had not detected it as a qualified (IT) personnel, how could my team or I? We are responsible for not detecting it? Nor did your staff member detect it before switching providers (the database). “


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