Former Aiyl Bank VP hangs himself in National Security Committee jail


Former Aiyl Bank VP hangs himself in National Security Committee jail

AKIPRESS.COM – The National Security Committee has declared that the former vice-president of Aiyl Bank, who was held in remand prison, has died.

The Security Committee press service said that the former head of Aiyl Bank’s credit administration department, ABR (presumably Bakyt Asanbaev), hanged himself in the National Security Committee jail in the early hours of June 18.

Employees of the remand center and inmates tried to provide first aid, but the paramedics who arrived pronounced him dead.

ABR was taken to the national security committee remand center as part of a corruption investigation on April 30. He was detained in the block with 3 other detainees. They shared sanitary facilities, which is why the cell doors remained open and were separated by prison bars.

At the time of the suicide, the other inmates were praying namaz in another cell and could not stop ABR from hanging himself, the national security committee said.

“During the entire period of detention, no complaints regarding health problems or conditions of incarceration were received from the ABR. The lawyer visited his client without hindrance. He was allowed to receive visits from close relatives. No change in behavior or inclination to suicide was observed,” the ministry said on the safety committee.

A forensic autopsy was entrusted.


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