Imran Khan’s friend received police security for no ‘reason’ during his tenure as PM: report


According to recent reports surfacing, a close friend of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s wife, Farah Shahzadi (alias Farah Khan), was taken to safety for “no reason” shortly after the election of the leader of Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) as Prime Minister. . According to a report by Geo News, neither Farah nor her husband were designated government officials, which is one of the essential criteria for enjoying police security in the country. Punjab Police officials have been deployed to work in three eight-hour shifts a day to provide round-the-clock protection, according to the report, based on security details established last month.

The duo had been under high level police protection since September 2018. They lived in an upscale residential area of ​​La Defense in Lahore, Geo News reported, citing a police officer who was on duty during said period. During former Pakistani Prime Minister Khan’s tenure, Farah’s assets were said to have grown at an exponential rate, the Pakistan National Accountability Bureau (NAB) claimed.

NAB launches investigation into Farah Khan

Pakistan’s anti-corruption department, NAB, opened an investigation into Farah Khan last month over allegations of “illegal assets beyond known sources of income”. Farah, who currently lives in Dubai, will be driven back to Pakistan for questioning, Grandstand Express reported. Her husband Ahsan Jameel has also been summoned by the agency and will arrive in Islamabad by May 10. Both were named for money laundering and corruption.

Authorities named Farah as Imran Khan’s “head person” at the time of the mismanagement of government funds and foreign investment from prohibited sources, which are also among the few allegations against Imran Khan. Simultaneously, the authorities will also examine Imran Khan’s banking history to determine the sources of funds received between 2013 and 2022 regarding foreign funding. According to the NAB, there are also reports of “secret international bank accounts”, for which the authorities are writing a letter to the World Bank. Apart from this, the authorities will also retrieve the banking transactions of four PTI Central Secretariat employees – Mohammad Noman Afzal, Mohammad Rafiq, Tahir Iqbal and Mohammad Arshad.

Imran Khan defends Farah, says she is not a ‘public official’

Meanwhile, Imran Khan has defended Farah, saying she cannot be charged with corruption since she is not a “public official”. He added: “Farah had been in real estate for 20 years.” It is pertinent to mention that Imran Khan was unceremoniously removed from the National Assembly on charges of corruption and mismanagement after failing to secure a majority vote against the no-confidence motion against him. Khan and his supporters have accused the West, particularly the United States, of plotting to oust him.

(Picture: AP)


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