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Safety and security are among the most prominent human issues. These problems are common to the day-to-day transactions that humans have with our traditional currencies. Now that the focus is on digital assets, many people are unsure if the problem is still there. And it would be inhumane not to have doubts and questions about security when handling something as valuable as cryptocurrency. A major issue that arises before any form of business transaction, even before profits are sometimes in sight, is the issue of security. Is this commitment financially and legally secure? Because safety is one of the primary instincts that inform human decision.

Crypto exchange is a platform that allows a person to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrency. With crypto exchange, safety is not just a consideration. It is a necessity. Cryptocurrency is skeptical of its security due to its relative novelty in the financial and economic sector. Where can I store my cryptocurrency securely, where it cannot be hacked, stolen or lost?

Check the security of Crypto Exchange?

Crypto exchange platforms have adopted measures to ensure the security that their customers can enjoy. One of these features is verification using “two-factor authentication”. This security is at the user level. This measure ensures that user details are not stolen or hacked by third parties. It works by sending an SMS with a security code to the registered user each time a connection is attempted. This way, username and password are not the only ways for users to access a user’s wallet.

Another feature used by notable Crypto exchanges is insurance. This feature serves as a guarantee in the event of a future incident, such as a corporate hack. Therefore, users will be compensated by the crypto exchange for losses incurred after acquiring assets from their platform, especially if the fault has arisen.

Some Crypto exchanges take it a step further by performing regular “bug reward testing”. These tests are essentially an open hand for the best hackers or security experts to their security system. The goal is to locate security holes. But rather than stealing these Crypto exchanges, a reward is offered and these loopholes are corrected.

Are crypto exchanges the safest places to store crypto currency?

While Crypto exchanges are as secure as it gets, the concept of rigid wallets provides total security for users. In this case, a wallet containing cryptocurrency is placed in a certain hard drive. As such, it is put out of the reach of online hackers. This method puts the security of this wallet entirely in the hands of the user and the integrity of that hard drive.


The crypto exchange is safe. Steps are being put in place to make sure it stays that way. There are strong security systems, insurance, bug reward testing, two-factor authentication, and the use of biometrics for sensitive transactions. But in the end, it comes down to the Crypto exchange you used. How well do they protect themselves? How many measures have they put in place to make sure your assets stay yours?

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