Israeli President Isaac Herzog will visit the White House next week | Israelo-Palestinian conflict


The White House says Joe Biden and Herzog will discuss deepening regional integration and “ironclad” US-Israel relations.

US President Joe Biden will host his Israeli counterpart, Isaac Herzog, in Washington, DC, next week to underscore what the White House has called the “enduring partnership and friendship” between the two countries.

The Israeli and US governments said Monday that Herzog would meet with key policymakers in the US capital during his October 25-26 visit.

Biden and Herzog will “consult on key issues, including regional and global challenges of mutual interest, opportunities to deepen Israel’s regional integration, and ways to advance equal measures of freedom, prosperity and security for Israelis and Palestinians,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean- dit Pierre.

She called the US relationship with Israel “armored.”

The Israeli presidency is a largely ceremonial post, but Herzog’s trip comes shortly before crucial legislative elections in the United States and Israel next month.

The Israeli government said Biden invited Herzog to visit Washington when the US president was in Israel in July.

“The purpose of the visit is to reinforce the strong partnership between the United States and Israel and to reflect the deep bonds between the two nations during these difficult times,” the Israeli government said in a statement Monday.

“President Herzog and President Biden will discuss strategic, security and economic issues, including joint initiatives regarding the climate crisis,” he said.

Biden has pledged to bolster unconditional US military and diplomatic support for Israel, which receives $3.8 billion in annual military aid from Washington.

Meanwhile, the US president has broken his campaign promise to restore a US consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem.

Despite the call for a two-state solution to the conflict, Biden also refrained from criticizing Israeli abuses against Palestinians, including settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem – territories that would house a future Palestinian state.

Instead, the US administration has focused on regional “integration,” advancing a vision of the Middle East where Arab countries cooperate militarily and economically with Israel to ward off perceived common threats, namely Iran. .

The announcement of Herzog’s visit coincides with an upsurge in violence by Israeli settlers and security forces against Palestinians in the West Bank.

Asked about the intensification of settler attacks on Palestinians, a State Department official on Monday called for calm on both sides.

“Since mid-September, at least 23 Palestinians and four Israelis have been killed, and it is vital that these parties themselves take urgent action to prevent greater loss of life,” the doorman told reporters. -State Department Deputy Spokesperson, Vedant Patel.

“And we continue to emphasize that Israelis and Palestinians deserve to have equal measures of security, stability and justice, dignity and democracy,” he said.


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