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CoinLoan is a decentralized lending platform that allows users to borrow and lend money secured by crypto assets.

CoinLoan’s goal is to solve the problems that urgently need solutions in the lending industry for borrowers and lenders; at the same time, it aims to improve the whole process to make it cheaper, faster and more efficient.

Fiat currency holders will have the opportunity to earn attractive interest on their funds while digital asset holders will be able to easily convert their cryptocurrencies into fiat without needing to liquidate their assets.

How it works is simple; a CoinLoan borrower will offer cryptocurrencies (such as Ethereum or Bitcoin) as collateral for their loan applications. After that, they will quickly receive a loan in fiat currency with a maximum value of up to 70% of the total value of the collateral.

Of course, there are other features of the platform that will be discussed later in this article.

CoinLoan is an existing company created in 2016; CoinLoan aims to release the full platform by 2018 with mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that will be released in the same timeline.

How does CoinLoan work?

In Loan of parts, you temporarily swap your digital assets for traditional fiat currencies that include USD, EUR, GBP, and even CNY from a large list of accepted currencies.

With CoinLoan, cryptocurrency holders can get easy fiat loans with their digital assets. To acquire a loan, the borrower must first create a loan request, which includes the terms and details of a loan (e.g. loan term, total loan amount, etc.)

Once the application is completed, CoinLoan will automatically search for a loan offer that matches the borrower’s demands.

In the event of a successful loan, it can be repaid monthly or all at once (only available for loans up to 60 days). Once the loan and interest rates are fully paid, the collateral will be returned to the borrower instantly.

Borrowers can apply for refinancing if they cannot repay a loan; otherwise, part of the collateral will be sold to collect the loan payment.

A unique aspect of CoinLoan is that interest rates can be offset by the growth of the cryptocurrency. For example, if a borrower promises 1 BTC and the BTC goes up 100% during the loan, the borrower not only gets the loan, but also earns along the way.

On the other hand, any legal person or company with fiat currency can become a lender on CoinLoan.

Getting started as a lender is incredibly easy, the lender just has to deposit their money into their personal CoinLoan account; this can be done in several ways, including SWIFT and SEPA payments.

The lender will then create a loan request that includes details such as:

  • The total amount of the loan
  • The currency to lend
  • The interest rate (CoinLoan will offer recommended rates based on current market conditions)
  • The term of the loan
  • Any additional parameters such as the possibility of early or partial repayment or the lowest amount for a loan

Once done, all that’s left is to get the right offers, which is done automatically by CoinLoan for lenders to choose.

CoinLoan users can also purchase a debit card that works exactly the same as normal debit cards (like cashing at ATMs, for example) and is delivered worldwide.

Borrowers can instantly receive funds in fiat currencies and use them anywhere debit or credit cards are accepted, even at retail terminals.

CoinLoan has a host of advantages for lenders and borrowers over the current funding system.

Benefits for lenders include:

  • Automatic fund management: CoinLoan gives lenders complete freedom over the terms and details of a loan. Once this is set, the system will automate everything from the start until the loan is fully paid, meaning investors can sit back and watch their funds grow.
  • Flexible loan terms: As mentioned several times before, lenders have great flexibility in determining the terms of their loans; they are not limited by anything other than market demand itself.
  • Risk free loan: CoinLoan is guaranteed that lenders will see their loans fully repaid (including interest rates) even in worst-case scenarios.
  • Global coverage without limits: CoinLoan works all over the world (with multiple currencies supported) thanks to its decentralized nature and with a minimum loan amount of $ 50 there is literally no limit to lending on the platform.
  • Comprehensive regulation and safety: CoinLoan’s security first policy ensures that all funds and loans are secure; the platform is also legal and approved in Europe as a payment institute.

CoinLoan ICO Loans Cryptoassets

The advantages for borrowers are:

  • Direct fiduciary loans and transactions: CoinLoan allows users to get fiat money directly without having to sell their digital assets.
  • Easy deposits and withdrawals: Loans can be withdrawn easily from banks or physical cards.
  • Integrated virtual and physical cards: CoinLoan offers users the choice of virtual and physical cards. Cards can be added to Apple and Samsung Pay or used as a normal debit card anywhere in the world.
  • No credit check and flexible loan terms: There is no need for credit checks in CoinLoan as all loans are personalized for each borrower; the platform automatically estimates the risk and selects the loan terms on an individual basis.
  • Fully automated processes: All loan processes are automated for ease of use as well as maximum efficiency in requesting or receiving loans.
  • Refinancing and management of individual loans: CoinLoan borrowers can refinance their bonds to extend the loan term; they can also close out a loan by selling part of it on the market.

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The sale of CoinLoan tokens

CoinLoan will launch a token sale for the CLT token, the platform’s official utility token. The CLT will be used to fuel transactions on the platform’s ecosystem.

Investors who buy CLT during the pre-ICO or ICO will be able to get free loans in CoinLoan. Token holders also have the benefit of lowering the interest rate on a loan with CLTs.

Token name: CLT

Token base: Ethereum (ERC-20)

Provision of tokens: 22,000,000

Duration of the token sale: November 26, 2017 – December 29, 2017

Token sale objective: $ 3,000,000 (minimum limit)

Token exchange rate: $ 2 = 1 CLT

CoinLoan website

CoinLoan White Paper


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