Morrisons urges shoppers not to fall for ‘free food boxes’ scam

// Morrisons asks buyers to stay alert after scam starts circulating
// Scam claims grocer offers free boxes of food if shoppers provide personal information

Morrisons urged shoppers not to fall for a scam going around that claims the grocer is offering free boxes of food.

The supermarket chain sent a warning to shoppers on a Facebook page to remain vigilant.

A Facebook page called “Morrisons Fans” was reported by a few shoppers after noticing it asked them to fill in their personal details.

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The page claims they are helping to support shoppers during the cost of living crisis by offering a free box of food worth £35, with a £15 voucher also available in some of the boxes.

Shoppers are invited to like and comment on the post by sharing the free food box, as well as provide their personal information for a chance to win one.

Several shoppers began warning others about the potential scam, prompting Morrisons to step in and confirm that he has no affiliation with the page or the “free” offer.

The grocer asked shoppers to report the page and take action if they provided details online.

The message read: “Hi everyone, we know of a page that offers free food boxes if you provide your personal details.

“This is not our page as we only post from our verified Facebook account and advise you to report it on Facebook when you see it.

“If you are concerned about the details you have provided via a link sent from this page, we advise you to contact Action Fraud. Thank you all for letting us know and have a good evening.

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