Naples man charged with changing barcodes and stealing $1,000 worth of items


NAPLES, Fla. — A Naples man has been arrested after being charged with stealing multiple items totaling $1,095 from Costco by changing bar codes.

On June 1, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office was notified by Costco’s Loss Prevention that a man had been caught on camera robbing the store.

The first surveillance, dated April 29, showed a man identified as 38-year-old Robert Mendoza was seen tampering with a generator box that was placed in his cart. While “tampering” with the box, the footage shows Mendoza swapping the UPC barcode of the generator with the UPC barcode of a vacuum cleaner. According to the CCSO, the generator cost $800 and the vacuum cleaner $100.

May 3 surveillance shows Mendoza tampering with a $300 toothbrush and a $160 digital photo frame. At checkout, items were priced at $40 for toothbrush heads and $26 for razors.

On May 28, a surveillance camera caught him tampering with a speakerphone, a security camera, and a Nano Leaf. Costco staff approached Mendoza and he said he no longer wanted the speaker or Nano Leaf and would only pay for the speaker.
When the security camera and Nano Leaf were scanned, CCSO says it sounded like bowls of udon noodles worth $20.

On July 23, 2022, Mendoza was arrested and confirmed he was the man in the Costco surveillance footage, but said he didn’t steal anything.

He now faces grand theft charges and is being taken to Naples Prison.


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