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You might think that writing term papers is easy. You have collected and compiled a lot of material including everything you wanted to support your main idea and thesis statement, made a great conclusion and expect a high mark.

However, alas! – your professors check it and give you a grade much lower than you expected. You are not happy, but the teacher tells you that your writing contains too many grammatical, spelling and style errors. You probably forgot that writing the paper is essential to your writing process.

Or you may not have enough time for editing due to tight deadlines. To solve this problem and save a lot of time, we recommend you to use online editing tools that work efficiently and save you a lot of trouble.

The platform offers a set of efficient online editing tools to save you valuable time. You can find a good topic, edit and proofread your article, and check citation format or plagiarism in your essay. is a great resource for any busy student that helps make their writing assignments great.

With these completely free AI-powered instruments like Essay Topic Builder, Plagiarism Checker, Citation Builder and Grammar Checker, you will get 100% quality and uniqueness of your essay and save a lot of effort. All instruments are easy to use, effective and free. You can use them as often as you want without additional fees or restrictions. You will find all the information on your subject of any kind, get a well-structured article without any mistakes in punctuation, style, grammar and spelling, and check the amounts of plagiarism in your article.

The editing process is simple – just upload your ready-made essay to the website and get the results and suggestions on what corrections you need to make. Using the platform is completely secure and confidential, and you will not break any rules or laws by using it. Plus, you’ll get professional help and feedback on your writing to improve your skills and create great essays in the future. The customer support team works for you 24/7, so you can ask questions and share your concerns anytime, 24/7.

All tools are sophisticated and state of the art as they use the most advanced technologies available today. They provide accurate results and you can be sure that your paper will be free of errors and inconsistencies.

You will not need to download the software on your device, so there is no need to waste extra time on installing the program. The software supports all formatting and citation styles. So, there is another advantage here – you can save effort on creating referral lists as this task is still quite a hassle. You will also receive detailed reports from plagiarism and grammar checkers so that you can learn a lot from them and never repeat the same mistakes in your future academic work. We are sure that you will like to use this platform.


This platform provides editing and proofreading services for all types of writing – documentaries, academic papers, blog entries and articles. A large team of professional and experienced editors work for the site. Most of them are native English speakers.

The platform is focused on quality control and the customer support service works flawlessly. You can get grammar review, spelling and punctuation errors, syntax and sentence structure changes, and more. You will receive new ideas on stylistic improvements and paper structure.

The service has extended to formatting, SEO, plagiarism checking, essay writing, and various publishing services, such as cover design, typesetting, and online distribution. Here you can get everything you need for your smooth academic work and continuous progress.


Kibin is a paid platform that also provides editing and proofreading. You can rely on this service and get individual feedback on your article and simple suggestions on how to improve your writing in the future.

The platform can check your papers for the adequacy of idea presentation and paper structure alongside the common grammar and spelling check. You can also request essay samples. They have a huge database, although the service is paid. Some students even complain that this service is too expensive. Of course, you don’t need to rely on samples. You cannot use them as your own essays because you will be accused of plagiarism.

Kibin is entirely legit, so using its services is not cheating at all. The platform offers two effective tools: the Kibin Thesis Builder and the Paper Grader. You can use the former to create compare and contrast and argumentative essays, while the latter is for having your article evaluated by a professional editor. You can upload your trial and receive detailed feedback about it for free. Such things can be very effective and useful because you want to improve your writing skills, and now you will know how to do it.

The platform also uses state-of-the-art software for all manipulations. That’s why the results are precise and accurate. We can’t recommend the service as a basic service for creating any type of academic writing, but Kibin seems quite supportive and useful for improving your academic score and advancing.


The story of this editing and proofreading service began in 1997 when Terry Johnson and Chandra Clarke decided to create a professional writing platform to help writers and students. The year 2017 has become an important milestone in the development of the company. There was a transition to new owners – Enrico Magnami and Patricia Riopel. He has new approaches and new technologies to work with.

The name of the platform means “the enormous desire to write”. It supports all of its customers’ attempts to create high quality papers. In the previous two decades, they handled over 400,000 orders.

Articles that you can edit using this service include academic essays, term papers, different types of research papers, resumes, resumes, articles, and more.

The range of paid services provided by the company also includes:

  • proofreading of essays;
  • correction of admission essays;
  • edition of essays;
  • admission essay writing.

You will prepare the final high-quality draft ready for submission and receive feedback on your word choice, spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, sentence and paragraph structure and other inconsistencies. All these notes are very useful for improving your writing skills. You will surely use them in your future academic and professional career. This is why Scribendi is definitely worth considering.


The service was launched in 2004 and since then it has served over 10,000 customers from almost every country in the world. For little money, you can receive complete punctuation, spelling, and grammar edits from this website. They can also offer helpful suggestions to improve the structure and readability of the document and enhance its impact on readers.

You can order editing of academic essays, research projects, theses and dissertations, application essays, and many other types of writing from EditMyEnglish. All editing and proofreading procedures are always completed on time, so you won’t have any problems with deadlines.

This paid platform also has such features:

  • professional editors with a lot of academic expertise;
  • a special package service for students, the so-called basic package, which is generally used by young people from more than 200 universities around the world;
  • friendly and knowledgeable customer service that can guide you through the editing process;
  • a project discussion forum (Track Changes) where you can ask your questions, follow the progress of your order, receive messages from your editor, and provide him with your clarifications.

Today, EditMyEnglish is a subsidiary of Grammar Labs, LLC. This company was founded in Indiana in 2004 to provide essay writing and editing services to Purdue University students. The company’s policy is pretty fair and simple – you can use the editing and proofreading services quite confidentially. No third party will ever have access to your personal information and your papers. The company does not reuse or resell any paper, and all sensitive data is immediately removed from the site after the student has used the service.

The operation of the platform is completely legit, so you don’t have to worry about breaking any laws or requirements while using it. The platform is also worth considering as it guarantees great quality.

Final Thoughts

Here are just several online editing and proofreading services and platforms for students and writers who want to improve their writing skills. They provide a wide range of advanced instruments and techniques to make your papers more perfect.

You can be sure that these platforms are entirely legitimate and that your academic institution will not punish you for using them. Moreover, you will get many benefits by using these services. The most important among them is the great progress in your writing skills and the opportunity to get more insights into writing excellent academic papers and making a lot of progress for your future academic and professional career.


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