Over 35 million farmers warn of risk to global food security due to climate change


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New Delhi: In an open letter to world leaders published on Monday, organizations representing more than 350 million farmers and family growers warn that unless governments increase adaptation funding for small-scale and do not support a transition to more diversified, low-input agriculture, global food security is at risk.

90 Heads of State gathered in Egypt to discuss food security and climate finance at the start of the UN Climate Summit (COP27).
The World Rural Forum, which represents 35 million family farmers on five continents, the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa, which represents 200 million small producers there, the Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Development, which has 13 million members, and Coordinadora de Mujeres Lideres Territoriales de Me all signed the letter on behalf of the agricultural, fishing, pastoral and forestry industries.
National organizations ranging from Jordan to the UK and India have also joined, IANS reported.

The letter states that creating a food system capable of feeding the world on a hot planet must be a priority for COP27 and that the global food system is ill-equipped to deal with the implications of climate change, even if we limit the global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Small-scale farmers have a crucial role to play in ensuring global food security, as they produce up to 80% of the food consumed in places like Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

However, they barely contributed 1.7% of climate finance flows in 2018; that is, only $10 billion, as opposed to the $240 billion they would need each year to support climate change adaptation.

COP27 takes place in the midst of the current global food price crisis. Although there is no global food shortage now, extreme heat, drought and flooding have all halted harvests around the world, and scientists have warned of a higher risk of simultaneous crop failures. in the main granaries of the world.


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