PagerDuty Acquires Catalytic to Transform Digital Operations with No-Code Workflow Automation


PagerDuty announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Catalytic, the no-code workflow automation platform for digitized operations.

This acquisition will expand PagerDuty’s offerings into new use cases in finance, human resources and supply chain workflows, while complementing PagerDuty’s existing process automation offering operated by technical teams today.

Catalytic gives business users the ability to easily create intelligent, no-code workflows that connect systems, data, and people. The acquisition builds on PagerDuty’s position as the only native digital platform that detects, orchestrates and automates critical work in real time across organizations. The combined capabilities of both companies will provide intelligent and flexible automation for urgent and unstructured work for any team in the modern enterprise.

“Adding Catalytic to PagerDuty extends our automation capabilities and accelerates our product roadmap for flexible workflows as we execute on our vision to become the cloud of operations for modern enterprises. value we bring across the organization to any time-sensitive enterprise workflow, while helping technical teams improve their responsiveness when seconds really matter,” said Jennifer Tejada, President and CEO of PagerDuty. “More than 19,000 customers trust PagerDuty to help them anticipate the unexpected and manage critical work more efficiently. As the complexity of digital operations grows exponentially, we give teams the time and efficiencies needed to innovate for the future and maintain seamless, seamless customer experiences.

Catalytic no-code workflow streamlines and automates workflows for teams, and removes a barrier to entry for non-technical business functions to easily create and automate work. This work can include things like employee, customer, and partner onboarding for business operations, sales and pipeline reporting for revenue teams, and any type of collaborative content review process like contracts, agreements, hiring and purchasing.

Catalytic technology is built from configurable building blocks that coordinate activities and automate hundreds of common tasks on a cloud-based platform with no implementation. It’s designed to remove repetitive work, overcome process gaps, and free teams from routine tasks so they can focus on business transformation and innovation.

“Catalytic is designed so anyone can create automated workflows. Technology makes automation more accessible, agile and scalable by harnessing the power of intelligent workflows that drive everything forward,” said Sean Chou, CEO and co-founder of Catalytic. “Together, we will ensure that PagerDuty customers reach more areas of the business through their automation efforts, including enabling a broader group of employees to develop digital solutions that meet their unique needs. We are excited to accelerate our growth in business process automation through the PagerDuty brand and reach.

The acquisition is subject to certain closing conditions.


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