Ping Identity Acquires Singular Key and Extends Codeless Functionality


Ping Identity has acquired Singular Key, a specialist in codeless identity and security orchestration.

Singular Key streamlines the integration of identity services. The company offers a code-less method to create workflows across multiple identity technologies and platforms, including identity verification, fraud, risk, access management, privileged access, and corporate governance. identities in a unified identity fabric.

With identity orchestration, organizations can design and maintain dynamic user journeys for identity and access management throughout the identity lifecycle.

According to the company, Singular Key’s intelligent security layering approach streamlines identity workflows to eliminate complexity and accelerate deployment without the need for coding, to provide business agility and flexibility.

Singular Key will be available through the PingOne cloud platform, enabling current and future Ping Identity customers to optimize end-to-end user journeys on third-party and Ping systems.

Singular Key’s automated identity integration hub outperforms other orchestration capabilities with more than 100 out-of-the-box third-party integrations for identity, authentication and fraud services, the company says.

This allows businesses to integrate a variety of identity services across a multitude of vendors for identity verification, authentication, authorization, provisioning, governance, privileged access, risk and risk. fraud services without relying on DevOps or custom integrations.

Overall, the Singular Key technology aims to improve the speed of deployment, accelerate the migration to the cloud, reduce costs and reduce the risk associated with vendor lockdown.

Ping Identity CEO and Founder Andre Durand says, “Identity security is often complicated by a tangle of cloud services, legacy software and poorly integrated APIs.

“Singular Key’s codeless identity orchestration simplifies the integration of identity and other business applications, enabling customers to achieve better end-user experiences in less time. “

Singular Key Co-Founder and CEO Jatin Maniar said, “Simplifying and integrating identity workflows to trust user identities and devices is an essential part of a good customer, employee and partner experience.

“Joining our strengths with Ping Identity, a company that is the backbone of identity infrastructure for the world’s largest global companies, is the ideal fit for our team and allows us to better serve our customers and partners. “

Singular Key is known for its codeless, vendor-less identity orchestration platform. The platform provides access to identity policy and continuously optimizes customer identity workflows through a single API deployed once.

Additionally, the platform accelerates identity transformation by automating third-party integrations, A / B testing, and workflow orchestration to onboard users to increase revenue while reducing downtime. fraud and eliminating the need to manage integrations and manual operations.

Ping Identity provides intelligent identity solutions for the enterprise. The enterprise enables trustless identity-defined security and more personalized and streamlined user experiences.

The PingOne cloud platform provides customers, workforce and partners with access to cloud, mobile, SaaS and on-premises applications across the hybrid enterprise.


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