Report ranks Kuwait last in environmental security


KUWAIT: Kuwait City ranked last in environmental security among the 60 cities studied in the “Safe Cities Index 2021” report, recently published by The Economist Intelligence Unit. Kuwait only scored 22 out of 100 for environmental safety and is the only city on the list with a “low” score in this category, designated for cities with scores between zero and 25.

The report is based on the fourth iteration of the index, which ranks 60 cities across 76 indicators spanning digital, health, infrastructure, personal and environmental safety. Environmental security considers how the city has incorporated sustainability parameters into its urban planning to reduce carbon emissions and manage climate risks.

It takes into account political contributions aimed at improving the health of the natural and physical environment in urban areas, where many have experienced severe deterioration in recent years. Entry indicators in this area examine the city’s sustainability master plan and market incentives for renewable energy sources. Results indicators include urban forest cover and the rate of water stress in cities.

“With the growing importance of sustainable development, especially in urban areas, we have decided to include environmental security as a stand-alone category in the index for this year,” the report says. “In previous editions of the index, indicators related to sustainable development were distributed throughout the index. However, given the growing attention to sustainability by planners and policy makers, we decided to break it down into a separate and stand-alone category. The emphasis on environmental sustainability in cities has become an important factor in urban safety.

Kuwait ranks 53rd in the overall index. Its highest ranking is in the health security category where it ranks 27th, followed by personal security (37th), infrastructure security (51st) and digital security (54th). The “Better Health” indicator ranks cities with a score of 75.1-100 as “Very High”, 50.1-75 as “High” and 25.1-50 as “Average”.


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