Role in IT security, first position in 2022


The most important job of the New Year is the Information Security Analyst.

According to US News & World Report’s 2022 Best Jobs Rankings, the IT position scored the highest among all job types based on criteria such as 10-year growth volume, growth percentage over 10 years, the median salary, the employment rate, future employment prospects, stress level and work-life balance.

“Information security analysts are increasingly critical as organizations strive to protect themselves against data breaches and cyber attacks,” said Antonio Barbera, editor-in-chief of consumer advice at US News, in a statement. “The 10-year outlook for the profession is solid: it is expected to be in high demand, with an expected expansion of the profession and an increase in its volume of jobs. A low unemployment rate and a high median salary also make this career sector attractive. “

Following the computer security analysts in the rankings were a nurse practitioner, a medical assistant, a director of medical and health services and a fashion designer.

Of the top 100 jobs, almost 40% were in medical fields.

“It’s no surprise that healthcare professions continue to dominate the overall Best Jobs rankings; the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly helped underscore the vital role they play in all of our lives, ”Barbera said in a statement. “Low unemployment rates and strong future prospects for many of these roles certainly reflect that. “

In addition to ranking the best jobs of 2022, US News has identified cities where certain positions are particularly prevalent.

Locally, Greeley is a city of choice for computer systems analysts, who according to US News and World Report earn an average annual salary of $ 121,790.

Boulder is a hotspot for office clerks (average annual salary $ 46,310), CFO ($ 187,940), technical writer ($ 95,360) and nail technician ($ 44,000).

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