RSA Conference 2022: Security Product Innovations Run the Range


Application vulnerabilities, phishing on mobile devices and passwordless authentication – these are just some of the security challenges vendors addressed at RSA 2022. Dozens of vendors introduced new products and services , ranging from broad security management platforms to more targeted tools. .

Several major product changes have focused on improving organizations’ security postures. solar winds, for example, introduced Hybrid Cloud Observability. The service provides a unified view of distributed and hybrid network environments, with the goal of accelerating problem resolution and enabling proactive management.

Other vendors that have addressed cybersecurity in general terms include the following:

Cisco revealed plans for Cisco Security Cloud, an open security platform that provides unified management of threat prevention, detection and response, and remediation capabilities. Cisco also introduced Cisco+ Secure Connect Now, a secure edge access service offering. Additionally, Cisco said it will upgrade many of its products to add less intrusive methods for risk-based authentication, incorporating the concept of continuous trusted accessintegrating the Talos Intel On-Demand service for personalized threat intelligence and using session trust analysis standards to share intelligence between vendors.

vmware presented Contexa, cloud-based technology that organizes and analyzes threat intelligence data. Contexa’s threat intelligence uses machine learning and insights from VMware’s Threat Analytics Unit and incident response partners. It currently uncovers more than 2.2 billion suspicious behaviors per day, VMware said. The vendor will integrate Contexa with all of its security products.

armis launched Armis Asset Vulnerability Management (AVM), a risk-based vulnerability management product. AVM provides visibility into managed and unmanaged assets and vulnerabilities in an environment, Armis said. The product also features security automation and orchestration to reduce mean time to fix.

Security Scan Reader Gurucul released the Gurucul security analytics and operations platform. The modular, cloud-native platform consolidates core security operations center technologies with identity threat detection and response. The platform combines several of Gurucul’s technologies, including security information and event management; extended detection and response (XDR); analysis of user and entity behavior; network traffic analysis; security operations and automated response; and identity access analysis.

Targeted products

RSA Conference 2022 also showcased new products that address specific areas of security. Here is an overview.

Clumio Deployed SecureVault Lite, a data protection offering for AWS EC2 and EBS. SecureVault Light is a cheaper version of the company’s SecureVault product. The Lite version stores backups outside of customers’ AWS accounts, separate from the production environment. Customer data is kept on immutable storage; encrypted at rest and in flight; and provides multi-factor authentication with single sign-on integration, access controls for assets and roles, and no delete buttons, Clumio said.

SecureAuth launched Arculix, a passwordless authentication and identity orchestration platform. The platform authenticates claimed identities by users through automated, risk-based behavioral models driven by AI and machine learning, the vendor said. The SaaS-based offering works across all apps and devices, continuously informing end users of risks after mobile login based on device and browser fingerprinting.

Support its refocusing on identity, RSA announced ID Plus, a new SaaS solution identity and access management platform to secure cloud-based applications, systems and users. RSA also announced DS100, a cloud-enabled, passwordless hardware authenticator that combines FIDO protocols with one-time passwords. DS100 works both plugged in and unplugged, the vendor said.

RSA Conference 2022: VMware’s Tom Gillis and Dr. Amelia Estwick discuss emerging areas of cybersecurity.

Blackberry revealed CylanceGateway, a trustless network access service. CylanceGateway uses AI-based security to correlate network and device telemetry. Combined with continuous authentication, the service restricts access to trusted, authenticated and known users and devices, BlackBerry said.

The rest of the best

The following vendors also released new offerings at RSA Conference 2022.

Fortinet released with FortiRecon, a digital risk protection service that provides external attack surface monitoring and the ability to identify risks to customers. The vendor said FortiRecon uses adversary-centric intelligence, which relies on FortiGuard Labs to assess threat risks and monitor public and private forums, open source and the dark web.

Optiv unveiled Cyber ​​Recovery Solution (CRS), a new service that provides strategic and tactical advice for cyber resilience. CRS identifies and prioritizes protecting key assets through automated workflows that back up critical data, systems and applications, Optiv said. CRS also supports the implementation of secure, data-isolated, isolated backup technology that reduces the risk of data loss.

Turbine, a new platform for Corridor, aims to improve low-code security automation by ingesting, pre-processing, enriching, and acting on petabytes of data at machine speed. The turbine is similar to XDR but responds to threats immediately instead of through detection, data aggregation and manual response processes, the company said. The platform uses an active detection framework with flexible webhooks and remote agents. It connects to hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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