Safety and security of humanitarian personnel and protection of United Nations personnel – Report of the Secretary-General (A / 76/334) [EN/AR/RU] – World


Seventy-sixth session
Agenda item 75
Strengthening the coordination of humanitarian actions and
United Nations disaster relief assistance, including
special economic aid


United Nations and humanitarian personnel operate in the most dangerous regions of the world. Over the past year and a half, humanitarian actors have become the target of non-state armed groups, violent extremists and criminals and have been the victims of kidnappings, road accidents and the side effects of conflict and of terror. Security trends indicate little to suggest that the volatility seen today will decrease in the near future. Attacks on United Nations personnel, aid workers and health-care workers in armed conflict and other situations of violence reflect a systemic disregard for international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

In this report, an overview of the global security environment and its impact on the safety and security of humanitarian and United Nations personnel from January 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 is presented. The Organization’s response to matters falling within the purview of the Department of Safety and Security and the United Nations Security Management System is also detailed, as are efforts to address management challenges and demands. security and to enable United Nations operations around the world amid the global coronavirus disease (Covid pandemic19. The report includes observations and recommendations for consideration by the General Assembly.


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