Securing Clean Energy Technology Supply Chains – Analysis


Secure, resilient and sustainable energy technology supply chains are essential for successful clean energy transitions. The race to net zero emissions will redefine global energy security and shift the focus from sourcing fossil fuels to sourcing the minerals, materials and manufacturing capacity needed to deliver clean energy technologies. This report, Securing clean energy technology supply chains, assesses current and future supply chain needs for key technologies – including solar PV, batteries for electric vehicles and low-emission hydrogen – and provides a framework for governments and industry to identify , assess and respond to emerging opportunities and vulnerabilities. The IEA highlights five key strategies for building secure, resilient and sustainable supply chains: diversify, accelerate, innovate, collaborate and invest.

This report has been prepared for the Sydney Energy Forum on 12-13 July 2022. The IEA is pleased to co-host the Forum alongside the Australian Government and in partnership with the Business Council of Australia. The report is a precursor to the 2023 edition of Energy Technology Outlooka flagship report from the IEA, which will present a detailed analysis of what is needed to develop and expand a range of clean energy technology supply chains to achieve net zero emissions.


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