Security clearance report required to marry a foreigner – Hiru News


A circular was issued by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defense stating that any Sri Lankan citizen wishing to marry a foreigner must obtain an authorization report.

According to the circular issued by the Department of the Registrar General to all district registrars, the new regulations will come into effect on January 1 of next year.

Previously, when registering a marriage between a foreign national and a Sri Lankan citizen, all that was required was a certificate of proof of citizenship, including a valid passport, proof of divorce and widow, and a birth certificate, which is only required to prove the date of birth.

However, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Immigration and Emigration have reached an agreement on the impact of the registration of marriages between foreigners and Sri Lankans on national security and possible social problems.

Accordingly, in such a marriage, the original copy of the affidavit obtained by the foreign party from the security authorities of his country within six months must be forwarded to the Department of the Registrar General by his party or local agent.

In addition, the alien must submit a self-declaration to confirm their state of health, including whether they have received the COVID vaccine.


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