Some report security delays as Dublin Airport warns passengers to arrive early for flights


Dublin Airport has issued advice on how long passengers should be at the airport in order to arrive at their gate on time.

Since the lifting of Covid restrictions, Irish airlines have reported an upsurge in travel as holidaymakers take the opportunity to take a trip abroad for the first time in two years in some cases.

Dublin Airport told The Irish Mirror: “We continue to advise passengers traveling on short-haul flights to allow a minimum of two hours before boarding their flight and three hours for long-haul flights .”

Passengers are also advised to add an additional 30 minutes if they need to park a car upon arrival at the airport.

It comes as some flyers have complained of security delays and in some cases missing flights as a result.

Kayte O’Malley tweeted on Sunday: ’45 minute wait time through security at @DublinAirport and queues like trying to get on Titanic’s lifeboats and half the security check desks are not used. Why love?! Chances of me making my flight absolutely minimal.”

It is now a legal requirement that all passengers wear a face mask or appropriate face covering throughout their journey at the airport, so it is essential not to forget one during the airport rush. .

Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport said: “Passengers should come to the airport with their face masks on, but if new or more masks are needed, masks will be available for purchase from vending machines and other pick-up points. sale throughout the airport.

“The exemptions only apply to children under 13 or passengers who can provide proof of a valid medical reason.”

The security screening process itself has not changed either.

However, additional security measures have been added.

Passengers are asked to remember the following:

  • Ideally only 1 piece of hand luggage per person
  • Separate liquids, gels and pastes into a single 1 liter clear plastic bag, each container no larger than 100ml
  • No sharp objects have all electronics outside and in the tray, including shoes, jackets, coins and jewelry.

If you need a COVID-19 test, you can use a local test center near you, or Randox is a private company operating at Dublin Airport.

Vaccinated passengers arriving in Ireland from overseas are no longer required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

However, they must present valid proof of vaccination, or proof of recovery from COVID-19, or a valid COVID-19 digital certificate.

Passengers should ensure that their digital COVID certificate or proof of vaccination is valid and has not expired.

Passengers without valid proof of vaccination, proof of recovery from COVID-19 or valid COVID-19 certificate will be required to provide proof of an “undetected” COVID-19 RT-PCR test result, performed within 72 hours of arrival. in Ireland.


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