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BOZEMAN, MT – There is a large community of Ukrainians in Bozeman Montana, many members of this community have felt helpless over the past few weeks.

Ivanka Asaulyuk, who was born in Lviv and now lives in Bozeman, says it has been devastating for her family.

“It’s hard to just watch the news and do nothing, so we thought it would be nice if at least we help financially and we are able to provide supplies to the Ukrainian people and the army,” he said. Asaulyuk.

Asaulyuk and that she thinks every penny is worthwhile.

“I believe every penny can help someone in need,” Asaulyuk said, “whether it’s warm socks for a frontline soldier or helping someone find temporary housing!”

Businesses and Bozeman have stepped up to help him funnel the funds to Ukraine, Concept Design Studios has printed flyers, and Asaulyuk is putting them up all over town.

She says she added a Venmo code to make donations, but found it wasn’t easy to donate because you had to go to the bank and wire the funds, which costs $75 per wire.

First Security Bank in Bozeman helped set up a local account so it’s easy and convenient, if you don’t use Venmo you can still deposit to the “Stand with Ukraine” bank account at First Security.

Asaulyuk went on to say that this war is not necessary, the Ukrainian people do not want to live under Russia, the Ukrainians want to decide what they want to do in their own country.

“Putin is a killer,” Asaulyuk said, “the most frustrating thing for me is that there’s nothing anyone can do to stop a guy.”

Asaulyuk says that as a mother of two, it makes her sick just thinking about the children in the bomb shelters.

“I’ve heard comments about rising petrol prices,” Asaulyuk said, “I can tell you one thing, I’d rather pay for expensive petrol than have to pack a backpack and my child and run to the bomb shelter.”

She adds that she was planning to visit Ukraine this year, but it is not known if she will be able to make this trip.

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