Update on £150 council tax refund in Liverpool, Knowsley, Sefton and Wirral


Thousands of households across Merseyside are still waiting for their £150 council tax grant

Earlier this year it was announced that support would be given to millions of people across the UK to help them cope with rising energy bills. Anyone living in municipal AD tax brackets will see a reduction automatically applied to their bill in April.

But not everyone who qualifies will see the money land in their bank account next month. Indeed, you must set up a direct debit payment for your residence tax. If you don’t, you will instead be ‘invited’ to claim the money from your local authority. You can still get the money this way, but it can take longer and be more complicated.

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Payments have already been made across the UK, but some people have expressed concern that they have not received theirs. We have contacted Merseyside Councils for their latest updates.


Knowsley Council has paid nearly 40,000 rebates to direct debit payers since the scheme began in April, and it is still ongoing. Those who are not in direct debit will be contacted by the Post Office in June when the letters are issued.

A spokesperson for Knowsley Council said: “Payments to residents who pay by direct debit began on April 14, 2022 and we have issued 37,955 direct debit payer rebates. The Council has approximately 38,800 direct debit payers in total and the overwhelming majority of the difference will be households in Band E-H properties, who are not eligible for the £150 rebate.

“For residents who are not paying their council tax by direct debit, the Post Office will be sending eligible residents throughout June details of collecting their payment at their local branch.”


Around 20,000 direct debit households have yet to receive their payment in Liverpool, but the aim is to be complete by the end of May. The council has confirmed that it will soon announce how people with a standing order, or who obtain it in their benefits, can apply and also send letters.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Jane Corbett said: “It has been a massive undertaking as there are around 225,000 eligible households in Liverpool. We have made over 90,000 payments since the start of May out of the 110,000 people who pay their tax As we already have their account details on our advice system, the remaining households using direct debit will be paid in the next few days.

“Along with this, we are setting up a simple application system for the 115,000 people who do not pay by direct debit and we will announce these details shortly. So many people across the city are now really struggling to reach the two ends.

“Remember we have support systems in place to help you where we can. So please contact us via our freephone number (0800 456 1523) for our Liverpool Citizens Support Scheme or for advice on benefits you can call us on 0800 028.3697. Details can also be found at liverpool.gov.uk/benefits.


Around 67,000 people with direct debit in Sefton have already been paid as the process continues.

Council spokesman S said: “We have paid out over £9.8 million of the council’s £150 one-off energy rebate payments to the nearly 67,000 eligible households in the tax brackets from council A to D who pay council tax by direct debit We have also written to around 40,000 eligible households who do not pay by direct debit asking them to sign up for payment and over 21,600 have used the unique 14-character security code we provided to them to register.

“These security codes have now expired and will no longer work, but we will send out reminders with new codes early next week. People can find out more about the process in Sefton at www.sefton.gov.uk/energyrebate.”


The Wirral council first processes payments for those with direct debits, which will be paid directly into bank accounts. In March, Wirral Council said around 46,000 households are not paying by direct debit but will be eligible for payment.

Those not on direct debit will be provided with details in writing on how to complete. More information can be found online here. A council spokesman previously said: ‘We will write to anyone paying council tax by other means – and therefore for whom we do not have the relevant bank details – towards the end of May/early June with details [of] how to request a refund.”


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