Virginia AG to investigate alleged financial misconduct by commanders


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Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares told Washington commanders in a letter Monday that his office would launch an investigation into allegations about the team’s business practices.

“To be clear, I did not prejudge the issues raised regarding commanders,” Miyares wrote. “However, I consider it my responsibility to carefully review the material facts of this matter after it has been brought to my attention. I request your client’s full cooperation and transparency during this investigation. »

The House Oversight and Reform Committee told the Federal Trade Commission in a letter this month that it had obtained evidence that Commanders owner Daniel Snyder “may have engaged in financial conduct troubling, long-running and potentially illegal” that took advantage of the team’s supporters.

Two main allegations lie at the heart of the dispute: that Washington illegally withheld refundable security deposits from ticket holders and that executives kept two sets of books to hide NFL revenue in order to share less in the revenue-sharing pool. league revenue.

Commanders formally responded last week by sending a letter to the FTC that rebutted individual points raised in former ticketing manager Jason Friedman’s testimony, while describing Friedman as a disgruntled ex-employee looking to get back. on the team.

The headquarters of the team of commanders is in Ashburn, a suburb in northern Virginia. They hold their training camp in Richmond, Virginia, and plan to build a stadium in the state.

Three sites in Northern Virginia had been proposed, but the state legislature reportedly planned to cut a proposed funding package from $1 billion to $350 million.

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