Week in Review: Ukraine Cyberattacks, Help Net Security: Healthcare Cybersecurity Report Released


Here’s a look at some of the most interesting news, articles and interviews from the past week:

Help Net Security: Healthcare Cybersecurity Report Released
Our latest report takes a closer look at one of the most targeted industries today: healthcare.

Ukraine cyberattacks: DDoS, new data eraser, cloned websites and Cyclops Blink
Russia began its invasion of Ukraine and, as expected, attacks in the physical world were preceded and accompanied by cyberattacks.

To move to data-driven security decision-making: start with the right data
We live in the age of data-driven everything. From sales to operations, and everything in between, today’s organizations are constantly looking for ways to harness the data they accumulate – responding with more agility, operating more efficiently and maintaining profitability.

Comparison of NDR solutions: deep packet inspection (DPI) and metadata analysis
In today’s complex IT environments, network detection and response (NDR) solutions are essential to identify, assess and respond to cyber threats.

Implement effective ways to exchange sensitive information using encryption
In this interview with Help Net Security, Chris Peel, Vice President of Customer Engineering at Echoworx, who works with customers to define, develop and deliver secure email solutions, explains why email encryption is the way to follow for organizations, what are the advantages and challenges of such a strategy and how to implement it without overloading the user.

83% of employees continue to access accounts from former employer
In a recent study, Beyond Identity gathered responses from former employees in the US, UK, and Ireland and found that 83% of employees admitted to retaining continued access to accounts from a former employer.

How much can you trust your printer?
In this interview with Help Net Security, Scott Best, Director of Burglar Security Technology at Rambus, explains what businesses need to know about printer security and what they need to do to stay safe.

Employees often use devices in very risky ways
Since the start of the pandemic, the modern workforce has become increasingly dispersed, while employers have been unable to keep up with changes in the way employees work.

Are separate SIEMs for threat hunting a good idea?
In this interview with Help Net Security, Brian Dye, CEO of Corelight, talks about the trend of creating separate SIEMs for threat hunting and why it’s not feasible for all organizations.

Social media attacks surge in 2021, with financial institutions most targeted
Social media as a threat channel saw a two-fold increase in attacks throughout 2021, according to a report from PhishLabs.

How wealth managers are leveraging behavioral intelligence technology to thwart client abuse
In this interview with Help Net Security, Lee Garf, Managing Director of Financial Markets Compliance at NICE Actimize, discusses how behavioral intelligence technology can help the financial industry combat customer abuse and reduce regulatory risk.

ENISA and CERT-EU publish a set of cybersecurity best practices for public and private organizations
The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and CERT-EU have published a joint set of cybersecurity best practices for public and private organizations in the EU.

Carpet bombing DDoS attacks escalated in 2021
Neustar Security Services has released a report that details the continued increase in cyberattacks in 2021, with an unprecedented number of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

What drives financial services institutions to deploy cloud technologies?
According to Capco Financial Services research, financial services leaders cite increasing future revenue (62%) and improving future profitability (52%) as their top reasons for deploying cloud technologies.

What do consumers really think about privacy?
Merkle has released a report that has historically reported on the marketing leader’s perspective, but this time focuses on consumers, revealing their feelings about online privacy and data collection and exploring their attitudes towards regulations and updates from major technology platforms.

How Configuration Assessments Help Improve Cyber ​​Defenses
There is an old adage in business; if you don’t measure something, you can’t manage it. These days, information technology (IT) and information security professionals know this all too well, especially when it comes to configuration assessments.

Download: 2022 Data Exposure Report
Findings from the annual Data Exposure Report revealed that cybersecurity teams are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to protecting sensitive corporate data.

New infosec products of the week: February 25, 2022
Here’s a look at some of the hottest products from the past week, with releases from Arista Networks, Darktrace, Forcepoint, MyCena, NetSPI, Ondato, Sumo Logic, and SynSaber.


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