What is the Best Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate


Selecting an EV code signing certificate primarily involves complex discussions, identifying requirements, and selecting the appropriate solution. However, such tasks can take a long time to come to a conclusion.

But, you don’t have to undergo a tedious procedure, as we have identified the best one for you. As you read further, you will definitely be satisfied with the EV Code Signing Certificate. So, let’s start improving your digital presence on all operating systems.

Why is the EV Code Signing Certificate important?

Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate is a critical necessity for large enterprise software. It helps organizations to be recognized as a trustworthy company to provide smooth installation to end users. Besides, it also helps to enhance the security of the private key with hardware token mechanism.

With an EV Code Signing certificate, a business can meet the following requirements:

  • You can build business legitimacy across 99.9% of browsers and operating systems.
  • Your stakeholders will not be confronted Unknown publisher and the Defender SmartScreen warning.
  • Your software will be valid even after the EV Code Signing certificate expires.
  • You will be able to align impeccably with software security best practices.

Discover the Best Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate

Each organization should purchase a top-notch EV code signing certificate, which can cover their needs. And, in the market, offering a wide range of code signing products, professionals are always considering solutions for Comodo and Sectigo.

Let’s take a look at both.

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate

Comodo is a popular certificate authority and one of the most authentic, issuing an EV certificate for a decade. He understands user needs and constantly updates himself to provide the best solutions. Additionally, it offers the below benefits and features, helping companies to strengthen software security.


Since Comodo has been active for a very long time, operating systems recognize software embedded in its EV certificate as legitimate. Additionally, its reputation helps organizations deliver a seamless user experience.

When you use a Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate, it provides instant legality. As a result, end users do not experience Windows Defender SmartScreen warnings.

Additional private key security

When Comodo issues you an EV Code Signing certificate, it sends the private key in a hardware token. It is an external USB drive, which you must plug into the system to secure the source code. The main purpose of providing the token is to help you strengthen key protection.

You can secure the token behind the physical access control of your choice, preventing unauthorized access.

Certificate trust flags

Once you’ve integrated the Comodo EV certificate into your software, your users can see your organization’s name. Every time a stakeholder tries to run executable file, it will display the company name as the publisher. It will offer you two main advantages:

  1. Users will feel confident and confident that the software comes from an authorized source.
  2. Operating systems will easily recognize you as a genuine brand, improving your reputation score.

Cross-platform support

With Comodo, you don’t have to worry about which platform you use. It is compatible with all software platforms, ensuring the protection of any type of executable file. You can use it on Windows, Mozilla, Adobe, Visual Studio and all other major and minor platforms.

Moreover, it lets you create 32-bit and 64-bit files in the required format, including .dll, .exe and more.

Follows industry guidelines

One of the main reasons for Comodo’s high demand is its compliance with the latest standards. Purchasing a Comodo EV code signing certificate always guarantees you advanced encryption. Additionally, it aligns with all CA/B forum guidelines, NIST and ISO standards.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about legal action because your certificate is fully compliant with the merit requirements.

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate

Sectigo is also a renowned name in the list of best certificate authorities. Likewise, Comodo, all of its security solutions are up to date and available at great prices. In addition, its customers are satisfied with its services and enjoy the following benefits.

Recognition on all platforms

The Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate maximizes your brand authenticity in minutes. And, operating systems start treating your software as a real executable file. It doesn’t matter which operating system your software is for, each of them will consider you an authorized publisher.

Buy an EV certificate from Sectigo can be a high return deal on a minimal investment.

Zero Installation Warnings

With the Sectigo Extended Validation certificate, your users will never face Unknown publisher warnings. There will be smooth download and alert-free installation on every device. Even, the Windows Defender SmartScreen will verify your app as genuine.

From encrypting global source code to improving user experience, Sectigo EV certificates cover it all for your business.

Extended validity

Sectigo never lets its users worry about the validity of the authenticity of their software. It exploits you with the lifetime validity of the app. Whether your certificate expires, each solution with a digital sign via the Sectigo EV certificate remains valid. Every operating system and browser treats it as a genuine file for unlimited time.

Therefore, purchasing a Sectigo EV certificate will be beneficial until your software is available to end users.

Material token

Similar to Comodo, Sectigo also provides the private key in an external hardware token. You can store this USB drive in any place to limit who uses it. additionally, you will need the token each time you need to digitally sign the software.

Moreover, you can use it to sign an unlimited number of executable files and make them valid for an extended period.

Which is the best yet cheap code signing certificate: Comodo or Sectigo?

Comodo and Sectigo are the two most prominent brands for code signing certificate. Both offer cutting-edge features at an affordable price. In addition, each operating system treats software embedded in Sectigo and Comodo EV certificates as a genuine application.

You can select one among them, because Sectigo is the new name of Comodo. However, both brand names are still in use. But, if you buy a Comodo EV code signing certificate, it’s probably from Sectigo. Therefore, whether you buy Comodo or Sectigo, you will get similar services at the best price.

The Best Place to Buy an EV Code Signing Certificate

To buy an EV code signing certificate, you need to find a reliable certificate provider. Primarily, CAs and authorized vendors sell the code signing certificate. And, you can buy from any of them.

However, if you buy it from a vendor, you should always check their service availability and partnership with the certificate authority. if it is a CA partner, such as SignMyCode, you can trust this distributor. Moreover, you should always check the support service, price and product variety before finalizing the seller.

Buying from a vendor, such as SignMyCode, is always beneficial because they provide top-notch certificates at cheap prices.

Conclusion of the Best Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate

The EV Code Signing certificate is a crucial element for organizations, providing software to their stakeholders. And, to accelerate their potential, it becomes necessary to select the best extended validation code signing certificate. While finding the top-notch certificate, you will always come across Comodo and Sectigo, as these are the two most reputable code signing certificate brands.

Whether you choose Sectigo or Comodo, you are assured of impeccable support services, high-performance solutions, a promise of code integrity, unlimited signing and software validation. In addition, you have the advantage of guaranteeing a warning-free installation for every end user.

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