Where to buy and sell TON Crystal: Coins from the legendary Free TON blocking project are available for exchange at SIGEN.pro.


One of the central topics of the outgoing year is the failed launch of the Telegram Messenger cryptocurrency project. The entire global crypto community has held its breath as it follows the development of the conflict between the SEC and Pavel Durov’s TON. Few believed that such an ambitious venture, backed by such a huge effort and vast financial resources, could simply be abandoned due to regulatory pressure from the United States. However, the regulator won the face-to-face meeting and, as a result of its decision, one of the most important developments in the field of the decentralization of financial relations was stopped when the product was almost finished.

However, it was unthinkable to abandon the results of the enormous work of the developers of TON altogether. The development of TON continued; it was no longer led by the Durov team, but by TON Labs as an independent project based on Telegram Open Network. The project was supported by more than 7,000 businesses and individuals, and the Free TON network was launched on May 7, 2020.

Special features of the Free TON network

The main document of the project is not the usual white paper but the declaration of decentralization (DOD). He states that Free TON sees its mission in upholding the values ​​of the free market, the protection of personal data, decentralized management, resistance to censorship and the cooperation of people around the world.

Free TON is a peering platform of several blockchains. Unlike others, TON-based blockchains have incomparably higher transaction speeds and were originally designed as scalable. The economics of free TON are based on TON Crystal Coin, considerably different from traditional crypto-currencies in its architecture as well as in its mode of distribution: it was initially impossible to simply buy TON Crystal because the tokens were distributed through a competitive mechanism.

5 billion tokens, according to the idea of ​​the project community, were distributed on a non-financial basis among the project participants who contributed the most to its development. Once the distribution of the tokens is complete, the tokens are free to move – this is the stage that is taking place today before our eyes.

The Free TON Network is fully decentralized, in accordance with the Declaration. Decentralization is a fundamental characteristic of network management, validation and software development. TON Crystal is split among as many network users as possible and everyone can participate in coin staking. The project is being worked on by several independent development teams. No validator can own more than a third of all available network tokens.

TON is essentially an intermediary interface between the blockchain network and users who have a set of tools to develop TON OS applications, including Solidity and C ++ compilers, databases and SDKs. The user interface is represented by the TON Surf operating system, which is in part similar to the Linux interface and includes a secure browser, wallet, and chat apps. Because the TON code is open, community members can actively participate in refining and improving its components.

How can we buy free TON / sell free TON?

So is it possible somehow buy TON Cristal? Today, yes, although enumeration of such a technically complex and unusually distributed piece was no easy task. The SIGEN.pro The platform was among the first in the world to take up this challenge. The SIGEN.pro team is very passionate about the Free TON project. The ideas behind the new TON resonate with the philosophy of SIGEN.pro, seeking to reach audiences around the planet. The platform makes it possible to conclude transactions with the use of all fiat currencies in the world and, most importantly, no fees are charged for these transactions (0% fees for all transactions, inputs and outputs, to the except for fees charged by cryptographic networks). The platform also offers 24/7 customer support.

The SIGEN.pro ecosystem consists of four main components: a cryptocurrency exchange, an automated exchange with a few clicks, a multi-currency cryptowallet and a peer-to-peer platform where participants can trade a favorable rate and buy. or sell cryptocurrencies for any fiat currency. At SIGEN.pro, users can earn money through exchange rate fluctuations, accumulate cryptocurrencies and exchange them for fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies quickly and without intermediaries. Everything is absolutely safe, allowing for automatic withdrawal and, as we said, free of charge.

SIGEN.pro portfolio

After registering on SIGEN.pro, you will get your own free and secure multi-currency crypto wallet for each of the supported cryptocurrencies. The wallet allows both to add coins to the platform and to move them to other addresses, including external ones. It should also be noted that SIGEN.pro uses a “cold-hot wallet” policy when the majority of customer parts are stored cold, that is to say in wallets not connected to the Internet. Only small amounts used for withdrawal operations are stored in hot wallets.

A SIGEN.pro portfolio for TON Crystal

Before you start using your wallet, you need to generate your own unique address, which is then assigned to the customer forever. After that, adding TON Crystal becomes possible. For security reasons, coins can only be removed after passing two-factor authentication. KYC is not applied because the platform does not work directly with fiat accounts.

SIGEN.pro mobile application

The SIGEN.pro mobile application is available for both Android and ios, and can be downloaded in seconds. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to buy and sell YOUR crystal, whatever your location. The mobile application supports all the functionalities of SIGEN.pro, with all the parameters and notifications except for the automated exchange.

TON exchange

SIGEN.pro exchange

The exchange platform is a place to trade cryptocurrencies. The work interface of the exchange is flexible: you can customize the schedule, choose to display only the pairs that interest you, receive statistical information about them. SIGEN.pro’s trading interface is clear and practical; it includes TradingView charts and live chat.

Crypto exchange interface: buy TON, sell TON


Free TON liquidity on SIGEN.pro: Buy and sell orders

As you can see from the screenshots, at the time of writing the article YOUR buy orders totaled 4.2 BTC (~ $ 67,800) and YOUR sell orders reached 83,173 TONS (~ $ 84,000). The total volume of trading on the stock exchange over one month amounted to nearly 176,700 TON.

SIGEN automated exchange

SIGEN.pro Automated exchange allows the cryptocurrency to be exchanged quickly and securely in automatic mode at the current exchange rate, which is set at the time of the last necessary transaction confirmation. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, you may possibly get a slightly different amount – a larger amount or a smaller amount.

sell your crystal

Automated trading lets you buy or sell Your Crystal automatically with just a few clicks

SIGEN p2p platform

SIGEN.pro p2p platform is designed to be as clear and simple as possible for the user to trade. It is a trade without intermediaries, completely transparent, where the transactions are carried out directly between the participants, and the security is guaranteed by the platform itself. Here you can create offers to buy or sell on your own terms and then wait for another user to accept them. It is also possible to choose one of the offers already created. The average time required to close a deal is 15 minutes.

The coins of a peer-to-peer transaction on the seller’s account are frozen by the ESCROW system – this is how the world’s largest trading platforms, such as AliExpress, work. This ensures the security of the transaction – coins are not sent to the buyer until the seller has confirmed payment. To improve the security of payment confirmation, the platform uses two-factor authentication by mail, Google Authenticator (GA) or a code table.

Google Authenticator

As you can see from the screenshots, at the time of writing, YOUR purchase offers on the p2p platform totaled 578,400 TON (~ $ 584,184) while YOUR sales offers reached 3,699 TON (~ $ 3,736). The total weekly p2p trading volume was 42,961 TON (~ $ 43,390).

The P2P application of SIGEN.pro makes it possible to buy TON Where sell YOUR for cash, bank transfers, electronic money, etc.

All correspondence in the P2P transaction chat is recorded to prevent fraud. Disputes are settled by the arbitrators of SIGEN.pro, who analyze the situation in order to make a fair decision.

Free TON Trading volume statistics

Statistics TON Cristal at SIGEN.pro are today the following:

  • 204 people had TON on their accounts;
  • 123 people were bought or sold on the stock exchange;
  • 92 people used the p2p platform to buy or sell;
  • 187 unique buyers and sellers participated in the exchange and p2p

These statistics summarize three weeks since the beginning of the exchanges. The numbers are low, but the growth is evident. We invite everyone to join in the Legendary Project Token Buy / Sell.

It should also be noted that the SIGEN.pro trading platform is launching its own media portal at https://media.sigen.pro. This is a full-fledged media resource that will soon begin publishing interesting articles, reviews, news, and other material related to cryptocurrencies.


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