Woman arrested after attempting to deposit fraudulent check


INGLESIDE, Texas – Ingleside Police are working with investigators from surrounding agencies to search for victims of fraud after they arrested a woman who tried to deposit a fraudulent check on Friday.

Nikole M. Childs, 33, was arrested after she was found with numerous counterfeit checks, credit / debit cards, a driver’s license and identification documents and information for 16 other people, including their date of birth. birth, social security number, addresses and account. Numbers.

Police said a Security Service Credit Union bank employee was alerted that a fraudulent check deposit was attempted by Childs on Friday, January 7. The bank clerk attempted to block Childs while waiting for the police to arrive, but Childs left before he got there. They were able to identify her vehicle and stopped her near SH 361 and FM 1069.

Childs was initially charged with fraudulent use or possession of 10-50 credentials, fraudulent use of possession of 5 or more credit / debit cards, and illegal use of a criminal instrument.

Law enforcement believes Ingleside isn’t the only town where Childs has committed fraud, and they don’t think she works alone. If you have more information, please call 361-776-2531.


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